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10 Foods You Absolutely Must Try In Hawaii

Most people love visiting Hawaii because of its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and hikes. Additionally, some people coming back because of the local foods.

Here are 10 foods you absolutely must try in Hawaii.


Love seafood? Poke is perfect for you. Poke is fresh, raw ahi tuna. It is served over brown or white rice. It is a perfect meal for anyone who is heading to the beach.

2.Garlic Shrimp

It is sautéed garlic and butter shrimp. It is usually served with white rice, salad, pineapple or lemon. Sprinkle the lemon over your garlic shrimp.

3.Hawaiian Plate

Hawaiian food is more common. Hawaiian plate comes with a scoop of rice with the kalua pig on top, dried beef, Lomi salmon on the side, pork or chicken laulau and Lomi salmon on the side.


Another traditional local food, which is an iteration of the Chinese egg-noodle soup. The ingredients of Saimin includes Spam, Portuguese sausage, kimchi, kamaboko, and green onions.

5.Spam Musubi

It is easy to find this dish, which is mainly spam and white rice wrapped in dried seaweed (nori). It is perfect for breakfast and lunch. Because it is best when made fresh.

6.Taro Ko Farm Chips

It is hard to find these foods in Hawaii. Taro Ko Farm chips are made of dried plum flavored potato chips. And it is also made of four ingredients. The ingredients are garlic salt, li hing mui powder, garlic salt, and potatoes.


Manapua is a staple of local cuisine. There is baked and steamed manapua. You can fill it with beans, chicken, char siu, or anything you like.

8.Acai Bowl

It is a bowl of thick acai berry blend, which is topped with awesome goodies such as honey, granola, fruits, etc.

9.Plate Lunch

A plate lunch consists of a meat of your choosing, macaroni salad, and white rice.

10.Huli Huli Chicken

You can try this classic dish towards the end of Maui’s Road to Hana. You will enjoy this juicy chicken.

These are 10 foods you absolutely must try in Hawaii.