EXERCISE LASTING MORE THAN ONE HOUR Recover faster – Replenishes muscle glycogen levels 128% more than a carbohydrate drink Recover better – Reduces post-exercise muscle damage up to 36% Come back stronger- Extends endurance up to 55% in a subsequent workout Optimal carbohydrate profile with less sugar NUTRITION FACTSFind out what is in Endurox R4 before it […]


It’s not just a ratio.It’s an advantage. What’s 4:1? It’s the unique ratio of 4 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein in Accelerade, that fuels superior endurance, performance, hydration, and recovery. Learn more about the science of 4:1. ENDURANCE FORMULA Extends endurance 29%* Reduces muscle damage by 83%* Improves endurance up to 40% in a […]